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AIRTIGHT TRANSFER MANUTUBE® is a 30-year experience manufacturer of dry bulk handling equipment for the industry, agriculture and logistics. We take pride in designing protective and dust-tight handling solutions :

  • Protective of life and your high value product
  • Dust-tight for cleaner working area and longer lasting equipment.

Worldwide, AIRTIGHT TRANSFER MANUTUBE® can take part in the follow up of your MANUTUBE® and in management of the preventive maintenance. In some countries, AIRTIGHT TRANSFER MANUTUBE® can carry out maintenance.

To design and build its conveyors, AIRTIGHT TRANSFER MANUTUBE® use the patented MANUTUBE® system, also called LEREBOURS® system. These two registered trademarks are the property of AIRTIGHT TRANSFER MANUTUBE®.

This system is well known by many users worldwide in varied industry fields.


Belt conveyor with no attrition on the product.

The new generation transfer system, environmentally friendly, protects the product, the environment and persons.

Reliable transfer for bulk material with proven sealing capabilities..

Transfer of dangerous materials with no contamination of the environment and if necessary under controlled inner atmosphere.


Mastering of explosion risks by dust, hygrometry and oxygen control.

Mechanical advantages : low number of moving parts thus easy and cheap maintenance, perfect half tube trough shape thus higher volume transported for same belt size, PVC/PE/STAINLESS STEEL tube resisting to pressures of 8 bars and more, etc...

Most achieved versions are designed for difficult, high-care and high value products. Other versions are used for any other bulk in place of traditional conveyors for its low maintenance, reliability and proven confinement

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