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Industrial applications

AIRTIGHT TRANSFER MANUTUBE®'s industrial applications


Transfer of sands wet, dry, after drier, bituminous mix, after stripping and in phase of recycling.
Transfer of all fields with explosive temperament or presenting a danger for people and the environment.

Agro-alimentary industries

Sugar refineries, canning facilities, animal feeds, cereals, malt factory, pisciculture, and all food applications in general.

Glass industries

Transfer of composition products, as well as glass by itself, bottles, and pieces of glass, cullet, groisil.

Minerals extraction industries

Quarries, mines.

Building materials industries

Cement factory.

Cement factories, accessories materials

Wood transformation industries: Chips, plates, and sawdust.

Stations of purification and factories of incineration

Mud, composts, carbonaceous product (sawdust, marc of grape, blast-furnace slag and flying-ashes).

Power stations

Evacuation of flying ashes.

Harbour equipment

Mobile where the search for ratio cost/performances is determining flows up to 600 T/H uninterrupted on a line.


Each industry having to use a handling mechanised for the transport of products in bulk such as powders, pellets, chips, crystals, sensitive to some contamination coming from the outside or likely to pollute the environment outside the conveyor.

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