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Areas of work

Areas of work

Multimodal logistic with sealed shuttle conveyor

The system enables taking the FIBC from the ground after securing them into protection cages to the discharge hopper where they are automatically cut opened thanks to our patented automatic slitting device. The FIBC is then transferred to a bin or through a confined volume to a compactor where it is discarded automatically. This system can either be used for single or double FIBC according to the desired capacity.

Loading of a truck can be done in 20 minutes

The loading conveyor is a shuttle conveyor. It loads a truck/train from a sealed MANUTUBE® conveyor, standard or reversible, through several fix points on a linear displacement.
It uses the principle of a standard shuttle conveyor enhanced by an in-house designed dust-tight solution.
The top of the truck/train can be reached thanks to a walkway with several accesses leading to the different inlets. These accesses are secured by a tilting operation.

Drive over dumping hopper

Trucks tips entire load into hopper by driving onto it. The product is reclaimed by 2 flat bed conveyors at the bottom of the hopper. The extraction regulates the flow into a dust tight MANUTUBE® conveying line to process area. The conveying apparatus includes a 45° conveyor with self-supporting structure and walkways.

Silo extractor ATEX applications

Transport of carbonate. The extractor creates a disturbance thus cancelling the arch phenomenon to extract towards the regulating rotary valve into the MANUTUBE ATEX CONVEYOR. In some cases, the extractor can regulate the flow itself (hard flowing materials).


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