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Manutube® conveyor

Convoyeurs industrielsMANUTUBE® Conveyor

The MANUTUBE® conveyor is a belt conveyor transporting material through a tube. It comes in 3 different versions such as CLASSIC (belt return open with protection grid), SELECT (belt return totally closed) and CONTROL (return casing with dust cleaning/reclaiming system). It is particularly adapted for process application involving powders or dust generating materials. Capacities vary from 5 to 650 m3/h.

The configurations are infinite: self supported, curved on vertical plan, inflected, with walkways...

In option, inlet/outlet hopper, intermediary hopper for dosing line, dryer/humidifier, weighing/dosing system, dust collecting apparatus, etc. are available. The ATEX certification can also be obtained for this equipment or down class your ATEX area if the reason is your conveying.

Download the datasheet : fiche_produit_CONVOYEUR_BANDE_INDUSTRIEL_ETANCHE.pdf (1021.27 Ko - 26/03/2015)

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