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Our technology

The Manutube® is a patented system of transport or elevated bulk product on a smooth band or sliding cleats in a PVC tube, steel or stainless steel.
The tubular frame, very light and rigid chassis, replaces the bearing rollers together often fraught with traditional materials.
The product shall not extend beyond the band, except in very special cases, such as bottles or products with very coarse, which are unlikely to damage the tube. There was no abnormal wear of tube if the weight and speed is respected if spillage of product is avoided.

MANUTUBE's® advantages :

  • Anti-corrosion
  • Sealing
  • No pollution of the environment
  • Product shielded
  • Cleanliness
  • Very good adaptation of environment

Studies of solutions

Composed of experienced technicians and engineers, our research department computerized internal strives to develop and implement your technical (ship loader, conveyor, extractor, ...), tailored to your needs and your constraints.
Our engineering department will also be the result of your project from its study to its completion.

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