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Range of equipments developed by AIRTIGHT TRANSFER MANUTUBE®

For over 30 years, AIRTIGHT TRANSFER SAS develop, build, deliver, install, and ensure the maintenance of equipment such as :

  • Mobile belt conveyors
  • Trucks loaders, ship loaders, rail loaders
  • Bulk unloading hoppers, mobile or fix, for truck
  • Live silo bottoms, extracting devices
  • Sealed systems for unloading (single or double) and loading Big Bag
  • Double way valves, sliding valves, loading sleeves (retractable and/or with decompression housing)

System description

With the most achieved version of the system, we are able to transport sensitive or dangerous products.

The MANUTUBE® is not a traditional belt conveyor; it is particularly powerful and respectful for the conveyed product, the operators and the environment in general.


It uses the principle of a conveyor belt running through an enclosed area where the product goes through a tube with a circular section and a return of the belt, without the product goes in a closed casing with a rectangular section, or inside an open casing made of welded steel plates and metal grids.

For the three models of MANUTUBE® conveyor (Classic, Select and control), the tube with a circular section in which the belt runs is fixed on the casing with a rectangular section.

On a « Classic » model, the return casing (belt without product) is an opened structure or with unsealed housing. It is a basic MANUTUBE® conveyor, the less sophisticated, designed for products which are not sensitive and do not need a perfect sealing.

In the case of « Select » and « Control », the tube with a circular section and the casing with a rectangular section on which it is fitted makes only one closed volume in which the belt, the conveyed product and the internal atmosphere . Internal atmosphere can be air or a controlled atmosphere (temperature, hygrometry, reduced oxygen content...), according to the product's requirements or security level of the zone where the MANUTUBE® conveyor is used.

The choice of materials, the inner atmosphere with inhibition of the oxygen by an inert gas (azoth, CO², etc.), and the earthling of the conductivity enables certifying the MANUTUBE® to ATEX conformity and, in some cases, to declassify an ATEX zone.

Except the remarkable advantage concerning security mentioned above (safety for operators, protection of the environment quality in general and stability of the conveyed product), the MANUTUBE® system offers other advantages developed below :

  • The implementation of MANUTUBE® conveyors is particularly easy in existing plants thanks to the system modularity.
  • Performances of a MANUTUBE® are higher than a traditional conveyor with a same belt width thanks to the deep through shape allowed by the tube.
  • The belt is stable on the drums with an allowed off tracking of only ± 20 mm.
  • The belt stability allows a better efficiency of the sealing systems as well as the belt return cleaning scrapers.
  • The seals are less often in contact with the product, their lifetime is very long, and preserve the reliability of the system.
  • The scrapers have a maximum width and really clean the belt width in contact with the product.
  • The trough remains constant all along the pipe, no vibration, no belt shape change come to modify the product layout on the belt. Thus it always remains perfectly centred.
  • The very short belt troughing allows avoiding, especially during the discharge, the product spreading on the driving/output drum. It eliminates the risks for the product getting between the belt and the drum.


MANUTUBE® equipments are presents on the five continents in the following countries :

  • Europe: England, Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Romania, Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal.
  • North of Africa: Egypt, Morocco.
  • Middle-East: Saudi Arabia.
  • Africa: Senegal, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Gabon, South of Africa.
  • Asia: Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, China, Japan.
  • North of America: United-States, Canada.
  • Central America: Mexico, El Salvador.
  • South-America: Argentina, Brazil, Chile.

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